Silver Wedding Anniversary

Silver Wedding Anniversary

The 25th wedding anniversary of my maternal grandparents, Anne and Felix Ference. Or as we called them, Nana and Pop. This photo was taken in November of 1963 in their home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Left to right: Lucie Grezlikowoski Lener, Pop’s stepsister (daughter of Pop’s father Lawrence Ference and his second wife, Mary Grezlikowoski); Nana and Pop; Rose Grezlikowoski, wife of Pop’s stepbrother, John Grezlikowoski. The young girl is Nana and Pop’s youngest daughter, Felicia.


One thought on “Silver Wedding Anniversary

  1. Nana and Pop look so young; the joy on their faces! I wonder if I was there – I was only 2 years old. In my opinion, Diana reminds me of Felicia; must be the hair. I think it’s wonderful we are getting Mom’s side of the family, in particular, organized with the correct spelling of names.

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