509 Greenfield Street

509 Greenfield Street

This is the earliest known photograph of the Craven home in Williamstown, Pennsylvania. Taddle had this with him when he fought in France during World War I, so it probably dates from the 1910’s. I believe the woman in the photo is Mam (Annie Doyle), Taddle’s mother.

How many times did Taddle look at this during the War? How sad that he never got to see his home again (he was killed in action on October 1, 1918).


One thought on “509 Greenfield Street

  1. Interesting to see no bathroom on side of house. An outhouse was used. Bathroom plus side porch added many years later. Also, I don’t see a street in front. The house appears ‘lower’ to me or the front porch is missing (?). I remember walking up side steps to a front porch. Dad told me there was a pot belly stove in the dining room, which was removed.

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