Great-Grandfather McDonald

Great-Grandfather McDonald

Obituary of my great-grandfather, William Charles McDonald, published in the Philadelphia Evening Public Ledger, Wednesday, April 9, 1919.

From Census data: William was born on December 11, 1859, in Pennsylvania. His parents were born in Ireland. William married Anna Marie Baker in 1884. They lived in Philadelphia and had five children: Joseph, William Jr., Mary, Anna, and Paul (my grandfather).

William supported his family by working in a hardware store. He died on April 6, 1919, and was buried on April 10 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Philadelphia.

Ed Gaughan, Dad’s Godfather, wrote to Dad in 1978. In his letter he recalled a memory of his sister, Ann: “She did remember that the Gaughan’s moved to Pike Street in 1918 and that your Grandmother had died before that. However, your Grandfather [William] lived with your father and aunts until he died several years later. She said he was the nicest man you would ever want to meet. It was a pleasure to see him and your Uncle Bill sitting on the front porch so contented.”

That may be all I will ever know about my great-grandfather. I really like that it’s something positive.


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