My grandfather, the father of my father, is in this picture. Paul McDonald is on the bottom right, indicated by the arrow. He and his friends are having fun at what looks like a popular hang-out, probably in or near Philadelphia. Young people at the beginning of a new century, enjoying life.

The only record we have of Paul’s life from this time is his draft registration card for World War I, dated June 5, 1917. He was 22 then, and described as tall, with a medium build, hazel eyes and brown hair. He lived at 5725 Windsor Place in Philadelphia and worked as an Assistant Traffic Manager at Simmons Hardware Company, 425 Arch Street. I’m not sure what kind of job that was. It may have had to do with processing orders and managing inventory.

Paul was also married when he registered for the draft, and he had a child. His wife’s name was Marie Daley (from his enlistment record). Is she somewhere in this picture? I don’t know anything about her or their child yet.

Ed Gaughan, Paul’s friend and neighbor, is the second person on Paul’s right in this picture. Ed was also Dad’s Godfather and the source of this photograph. Dad contacted Ed in the late 1970’s; Ed passed away in 1984.


One thought on “Swimsuits

  1. It pains me to know that Dad had a sibling; he wasn’t an only child and could have had a relationship. Are there descendants from this child? When I was very young, I overheard Dad one night talking (in tears) to Mom how he attempted to visit Paul, but chickened out. Things might have been different. We might have had answers.

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