Priestly Brother

Priestly Brother

The Rev. Joseph A. McDonald, the brother of Dad’s father, Paul McDonald.

Joseph was born on April 12, 1884. He was the oldest child in the family (the other children were William Jr., May, Anne, and Paul). He graduated from LaSalle College in Philadelphia and then entered St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Joseph was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on May 14, 1910. He died on August 26, 1944.

His last assignment was at St. Aloysius in Pottstown, PA. According to the parish history, Joseph was plagued by chronic illness during his final two years. He still performed his pastoral duties and was noted for his outgoing personality. He was 60 when he died at the rectory of a cerebral hemorrhage.

His death made the front page of the local newspaper. Joseph’s funeral was attended by 103 of his fellow priests. He was buried at Holy Sepulchre cemetery in Philadelphia. The funeral procession consisted of 40 automobiles, which was noteworthy during the era of wartime gasoline rationing.

The picture above comes from a History of St. Charles Seminary in Overbrook.

Note: This is re-posted from the other day, I made some minor touch-ups to the picture.


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