Here is a picture of Taddle (Patrick Craven) in his Army uniform holding a tuba. There is no other reference to him playing an instrument, either during World War I or any other time.

He was musical, however, and did like to sing. In a letter to his sister Mary (Aunt Mayme), Taddle mentions that he is singing in the choir. This letter dates from October 31, 1917, and was sent from Camp Hancock in Georgia, where Taddle was stationed before being sent to France:

“The place were I am writing from is where we hold Mass on Sunday and it is only across the street from us. We use it for a club room throughout the week. They have a piano and a gramophone in it, they are playing it now while I am writing. You ought it to see all the Catholic soldiers down here, they have two masses on Sunday and if you aren’t there right on time you must hear Mass outside — it is that full — and a couple of hundred outside. Tell Fr. Clarke I am looking for a nice piece of sugar cane to have a cane made for him as it looks pretty down here. And tell him I am singing in the Military Choir in the Church.”

Taddle also sang in the choir at Sacred Heart Church in Williamstown, along with his sister Anne (see Church Choir).


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