Deed’s Family

Deed's Family

Deed, or Annie Jane Powers, was Grandmom’s first cousin. She was born in 1889. Her mother was Katherine Doyle, the sister of Annie Doyle, Grandmom’s mother. Katherine married Edward Powers and they lived in Brooklyn. They had three children: two sons, who died young, and Deed.

Katherine died a few years after Deed was born. Deed went to live with the Cravens in Williamstown for a while. Grandmom considered her to be a sister.

Edward later married a woman named Rose. This photo shows Edward with Rose on his left and Deed on his right. I don’t know the woman in the back; perhaps she is Rose’s mother. Edward and Rose married in 1897 — this picture may be from that time. The period clothing really stands out. I like it.

Edward was born in Pennsylvania in March 1860. He worked as a clock maker. Rose was born in October 1865. She and Edward had no children together. According to the 1900 Census they lived at 1718 8th Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.


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