This is the front page of a 1920 datebook Grandmom received from the Southwark National Bank in Philadelphia.

She was a lodger in the house of William and Margaret Martin. They were an Irish couple with six children. Another young woman was boarding there too. William was a railroad engineer. I believe the “GTN” in the address stands for Germantown, a neighborhood in Philadelphia.

According to the 1920 Census, Grandmom was working as a private secretary in an office. I know for a time she worked at the Remington Typewriter Company, but I don’t know if she was employed there in 1920.

Anna Craven was Grandmom’s older sister. She lived about a half mile away. Anna was a housekeeper for William and Clementina Mackenzie. They had two children. William worked as a mechanical engineer at a power plant.

Grandmom would turn 23 in 1920, a young woman at the beginning of a new decade, living in a big city with her life in front of her. I try to picture her riding her bike on the city streets.

Update: Dad told me that the Martin family lived in Williamstown before moving to Philadelphia. William Martin was a friend of Pap Craven, Grandmom’s father.


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