Doyle Brothers?

Doyle Brothers?

Grandmom kept this photograph in an old bronze frame. It has no identification, but my best guess is that it shows Martin and John Doyle and Martin’s three daughters. Martin is on the right.

Martin and John were Grandmom’s uncles. Their sister Annie was Grandmom’s mother. Their parents Francis Doyle and Ann Kavanaugh Doyle came to the U.S. from Ireland.

I know that Grandmom kept in touch with both Martin and John. She had a few other pictures of Martin that she labelled. I have never found any pictures of John, but we have his coronet (see Coronet) and a few of his letters. He lived in Carlisle, PA and played in the town band. John lived from 1856 to 1924. He never married.

Martin (1862-1930) married Maria Monaghan and they had four children: daughters Anna, Kathryn, and Mary and son Francis. According to the 1910 Census, the family lived on East Broad Street in Williamstown, PA. Martin worked as a retail merchant.

Martin’s youngest daughter Mary was born in 1907 or ’08, so that can help date this photograph if my guess is correct.

On the other hand, the oldest daughter, Anna, was born around 1896. That means she would have been 12 to 14 when this photo was taken. The oldest-looking girl in this picture looks too young for that, so my guess may be wrong.

Update: Dad thinks the man on the left might be Grandmom’s father, James Craven (“Pap”). That crossed my mind too, so that is another possibility.


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