Fort Clayton

Fort Clayton

Uncle Tom Craven (Grandmom’s brother) served in the 33rd Infantry Regiment of the United States Army. This photo was taken at Fort Clayton in the Panama Canal Zone in April 1930.

Uncle Tom was 24 at the time and had achieved the rank of sergeant. He would be honorably discharged from the Army four months later in August.

From Wikipedia: Fort Clayton was a United States Army base in the former Panama Canal Zone, later part of the Republic of Panama. Fort Clayton was located northwest of Balboa, Panama, with the Panama Canal located nearby.

From “A Brief History of the 33rd Infantry Regiment” by Andrew Demes:

During World War I the United States Congress enacted the national Defense Act on June 3, 1916. This law provided for an increase of our armed forces. As a result War Department General Orders No. 22, dated June 30, 1916, ordered seven new regiments of Infantry to be organized: four in the United States, one in the Philippine Islands, one in Hawaii, and one in the Canal Zone.

The 33rd Infantry Regiment was activated on July 6, 1916…

In November, 1920 the 33rd Infantry assembled for the first time as a unit at Fort Clayton. This new post was named in honor of Colonel Bertram Tracy Clayton who was killed in action in France in 1918.

During the period 1920-1940, the regiment carried on with the mission of protecting the Canal Zone and continued its jungle training.


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