Camp Hancock, part 1

Camp Hancock

During World War I, my great-uncle, Patrick Craven (known as Taddle), enlisted in the Army and was sent to Camp Hancock in Augusta, Georgia for training. He was a member of Company D of the 108th Machine Gun Battalion of the 28th Division.

This photo was taken outside of the Knights of Columbus building at Camp Hancock. Taddle mentioned this place in a few of his letters home. It was where Catholic soldiers attended Sunday Mass. During the rest of the week it served as a club house.

The occasion for this group picture was a visit by Bishop Benjamin Keiley of Savannah, Georgia. Taddle is in the back row, fifth person from the right. I don’t know the date, but I am guessing it was the winter of 1918. Icicles can been seen hanging from the edge of the roof.

The original photo is about 15 inches long and was kept rolled up. It has deteriorated over time and is now in several pieces (some are missing). I put the pieces together using Photoshop. I am working on a more detailed restoration and hope to make a new print.


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