Uncle Tom Craven had a Cocker Spaniel named Shannon. My family didn’t have a dog when I was very young, so getting a chance to play with Shannon was exciting for me. I remember her tongue was always hanging out and she was well-fed. Aunt Helen (Uncle Tom’s wife) would make scrambled eggs for her.

This picture was taken in 1969 in what looks like Aunt Eliza’s apartment in Philadelphia. I’m in the middle with my sister Amy and brother Jim. Fr. Tom Craven’s photo is on the end table.

How often do kids today wear bow ties? And check out my cowboy boots.


One thought on “Shannon

  1. I remember this picture being taken…those outfits…and that doll I’m holding. It was summer; look at our sun-kissed skin and of course, Jim with a band- aid on the knee. What a great picture!

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