You Don’t Say So


My uncle Thomas Craven served in the Army and was stationed at Fort Clayton in the Panama Canal Zone. He returned to the United States in August 1930.

These cartoons are from “The Whispering Wave,” the shipboard newsletter of his ride home, U.S. Army Transport U.S. Grant. The issue is dated August 12, 1930.

They had smooth sailing. Here is the Master’s Noon Report of the day before:

Course … 30 1/2
Distance … 312 miles
Latitude … 18-57 N
Longitude … 74-34 W
Length of day 24 hours steaming
Distance from Cristobal … 656 miles
Distance from New York … 1318 miles
Average speed per hour … 13-0
Air … 86
Barometer … 30-04
Water … 86
Weather … fine
Wind fresh to light E’ly 5-1
Sea moderate to smooth

E. S. McWhellan


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