A fantastic picture.

This was taken at the party following my Aunt Felicia’s baptism in 1955. On the left with the banjo is Felix Ference (Pop, my grandfather), I think the man in the center is Joe Standarowski (a friend of Nana and Pop), and in the lower right with the accordion is Pop’s nephew, Bob Lazarowski (who was my godfather).

This photo really captures the moment. Like the one of Ciocia Hattie in the previous post, it shows a relative I knew in a different light. To me, Pop always seemed staid and serious, but not in this picture.

I also like how this picture shows people making their own entertainment, instead of just listening to recorded music or watching a movie on TV. That’s what I’m used to doing.

This performance took place in Wilmington, I believe in Nana and Pop’s home on Linden Street.


One thought on “Trio

  1. I remember being in that house. And the banjo, too. Elva was a character! I can still see in my mind Joe playing the accordion…they had a little dog. Dad used to take me (gosh I was just a little girl) to their house during tax time! I wish we saw more of this “side” of Pop.

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