From the White House


Grandmom had great devotion toward President Kennedy. I remember there was a little shrine to JFK in the garret in the house in Williamstown. Grandmom had pictures, a collectible plate, coins, and other memorabilia.

I like that she admired him enough to send him a card for St. Patrick’s Day. She must have felt a special connection with him because of their shared Irish heritage. I wonder if the President actually read her card. I am guessing that he did since the letter expresses his thanks for her prayers.

Who was Ralph Dungan? I found his obituary online. He died October 10, 2013 at the age of 90. From the New York Times:

“As a special assistant to President John F. Kennedy and a member of his inner circle, Mr. Dungan served on a task force on foreign aid and handled African and then Latin American affairs, which became his specialty. He was also known as an effective recruiter for the administration, bringing dozens of talented people to Washington.”

He later became the U.S. Ambassador to Chile.


One thought on “From the White House

  1. Grandmom had a “Kennedy corner” in the garret of her house in Williamstown. This was displayed with Kennedy pictures and other memorabilia. I remember looking at this letter and all of the other things growing up…she adored the Kennedy family.

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