Lawrence Ference


Lawrence Ference was my great-grandfather, the father of Felix Ference (Pop), my Mom’s father.

Lawrence was born August 10, 1872 in Grady, Krasnosielc parish, Poland. He died March 11, 1952 in Wilmington, Delaware.

He was married twice and outlived both of his wives. His first wife was Julianna Swida (Pop’s mother). She died in 1919. His second wife was Mary Grezlikorski, who died in 1951.

Lawence and Julianna were married in Poland on January 28, 1901. Lawrence arrived in the United States on Christmas Day 1904. I am not sure if he and Julianna traveled together.

Mom remembers Lawrence living with her family when she was young. He was kind of a stern man who was always dressed in black pants, white shirt, and a vest. I think he worked in a steel mill in New Castle.

Standing next to Lawrence is Bob Lazarowski, his grandson and my godfather. Bob’s mother Elva was the daughter of Lawrence.

This picture was taken in Wilmington, probably on the porch of the Lazarowski home.


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