Re-Elect FDR


The Craven family in Williamstown, Pennsylvania were staunch Democrats.

In an essay I found in his notebook, the youngest Craven, my uncle Jim, gave his support to the re-election of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Jim attended Sacred Heart High School and was a member of the class of 1934.

Here is a transcript:

My reason for thinking F.D.R. should be reelected is this: first to carry on the Liberal and Progressive work that he has started in our Country for without him and his Progressive administration the wrong doings taking place today in this Country can never be corrected; His social security act, providing pensions for the aged and Blind, and unemployment insurance will never be carried out by the arch-Reactionaries, the tools of Big Business, if he is not Reelected. The Violators of the Wheeler-Reyburn Holding Company Bill will never be apprehended and prosecuted if his republican opponent is elected. 2nd. To continue his fight for Labor and the common people of this land by abolishing sweatshops, establishing Minimum Wage Laws, and more Liberal Compensation Laws, and to curtail the unjust and excessive profits of the Big industrialists and Manufacturers in this Country.


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