Religious Scrapbook


When she lived in Philadelphia, Grandmom was a member of both the Catholic Daughters of America and the Alliance of Catholic Women. These are benevolent societies that engage in religious and charitable activities. Grandmom was an officer in local chapters of both organizations: historian and corresponding secretary, respectively.

Grandmom kept a scrapbook of the activities of the CDA and ACW. The pages are filled with neatly pasted clippings about their card parties, Masses, and trips to Washington, D.C. along with meeting reports (many written by her). The items date from 1927 to 1934.

The poem pictured above was pasted on the inside cover of the scrapbook (Court Ave Maria was the name of the local CDA chapter). Below is another example of Grandmom’s literary bent, written in honor of the grand regent of the Court.


On a side note, the home parish for these organizations was the Immaculate Conception in the East Germantown section of Philadelphia. Sadly, this parish closed in 2012. The Philadelphia Church Project, a very informative web site, has pictures:

What a loss. Churches like that will not be built again anytime soon. At least the Immaculate won’t be demolished: the building is being being converted into a Protestant house of worship. Much of the artwork is being sold or put into storage. Grandmom reported in 1928 that the Alliance of Catholic Women donated a statue of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal to the church. The cost was $3,500. I wonder what happened to it.


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