Last Man Club


My grandfather, Felix Ference, was Delaware’s heavyweight weightlifting champion for seven years in the 1930’s. That never registered with me when I was young. Above is a picture of Pop (as we called him) with the Spartan Strength Club, which he helped to form. Pop is in the middle in front of the “S.”

Next to Pop on the left is Bernard (Ben) Stone, Pop’s best friend, best man, and neighbor. Along with seven other members of the Spartan Strength Club, they formed a “Last Man Club” in 1940. A bottle of wine was purchased, and every year on the first Saturday in May the members of the Club would meet. The agreement was that the last member living would get the bottle. This is something I do remember.

Ben Stone was interviewed in 1995 for the Wilmington News Journal and he told the story of the Last Man Club. Here is a copy (pdf) I made of the article. Below is the picture that accompanied it.


Ben Stone died in 2005, the final member of the Last Man Club. I assume he received the bottle of wine, but I don’t know.


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