My great uncle, Patrick “Taddle” Craven, was killed in action during World War I. Above is the casualty report submitted by his captain. Taddle was a member of a machine gun battalion with the 28th Division.

I once tried to decipher the map coordinates to no avail. Below is a picture from the scrapbook my Grandmother made about Taddle. It is labeled “Apremont.” I wonder if it is a picture of where he was killed. I didn’t know Taddle died on the main street until I found this report. I always pictured it happening in a field or woods. Reflecting on his manner of death is sobering.


Taddle’s remains were later transferred to the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in France. He was brought back home to Williamstown, Pennsylvania in 1921, and laid to rest in Sacred Heart Cemetery. Many other members of the Craven family reside there, too.

Private Patrick Francis Craven. I think my Dad resembles him.



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