Summer Memories

On a cold and dreary day, it is a pleasure to remember summertime visits to see Grandmom. Here is a photo from 1971 taken in the backyard in Williamstown. I look back at pictures like this and wish I had paid attention more, but I was just a little kid.


Here are two more snapshots from Grandmom’s album, taken during a visit to see her and Aunt Eliza in Ocean City, New Jersey.

The first half…


… and the second half.



2 thoughts on “Summer Memories

  1. Thank you for your posts and all the research that goes into them. I enjoy the commentary as well! I too have treasured memories of summers spent on Greenfield in Williamstown. Many of them include your Grandmom and Aunt, or as I knew them, Cousins Margaret and Eliza. and Fr. Tom. I remember the pump and the yard in your snapshot, and lots of lemonade. In the house I was fascinated with the Civil War memorabilia and Cousin Margaret never tired of sharing her knowledge. There are also a few memories of Ann, but she was bed bound by then and passed away when I was very young.

    I suspect that we actually may have met at some point in the past. I also have good memories of your parents especially at Christmas time when I was visiting my Mother’s family, the McNamaras just a few doors up the road.

    My son has recently started researching the family history. In fact, he stopped at the Sacred Heart cemetery a few weeks ago to add some names and dates from the McNamara and Doyle sides. I’ve been sharing your posts with him as well.

    Be well! Mary Beth

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    • Hi Mary, thank you for your comment. I remember going to Mary McNamara’s house (we called her Mary Mac) and playing around on her piano when I was little. I also remember all of the treasures in my Grandmother’s attic. I am glad that you enjoy the blog. I will tell my Dad about your message, he will be happy to hear about it.


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